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The Black History 365 curriculum is informed by a collection of more than 3,000 documents and artifacts (oldest piece dated 1553), owned by The Freeman Institute Black History collection. Items from this collection have been featured in exhibits at the United Nations, White House, Clinton Presidential Library, Secret Service, FBI, and many more noteworthy venues. Most of the images included in this curriculum have come from this collection.


Many artifacts from the collection were showcased in the United Nations' 75-day Transatlantic Slave Trade exhibition (2011 and 2012) held at the United Nations headquarters in New York City. Well over a half a million visitors reviewed both exhibits.


Also, some of Freeman's items have been featured in the ongoing UN-sponsored international exhibition, traveling to Madagascar, Switzerland, Turkey, Bolivia, Sierra Leone, Colombia, South Africa, Mexico, Cameroon, and many more.


Dr. Freeman has also exhibited items from The Freeman Institute Black History Collection in a number of other venues around North America, including the Clinton Presidential Library, White House Communications Agency (WHCA), US Secret Service, Rutgers University, Harlem Book Fair, US Department of Justice, NSA, Frostburg State University, NOAA, NIH, EPA, NASA, NPR, Howard University, Blacks In Government, Eastfield College, FBI, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and NTSB.


A future objective for this collection is to create the opportunity for school districts to experience traveling exhibits.

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